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Oculogix is a professional services technology company with over 35 years of experience and industry know how. The founder built Oculogix on the premise of providing best in class products with exceptional customer service all wrapped into a one-stop-shop. We strive to make sure that our customers are completely satisfied doing business with us and that our goal of exceeding expectations is always achieved.

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Keith Randall

Keith Randall is the Co-Founder and CFO of Oculogix LLC, a leading provider of smart home automation services. As a consumer of smart home technology, he has watched the industry evolve over the last ten years.  He and Eric Nastri founded Oculogix with a vision of bringing smart home automation to every home because a smart home is a safe home, secure home, green home and fun connected home. At Oculogix, Keith is responsible for the business infrastructure, including the administration and operations teams, as well as working with Eric to drive the organization’s strategic growth.

Keith is originally from Toledo, OH but has lived in Indiana, Oklahoma and since 2002, Colorado.  He earned his BSBA from Miami University in 1986. Keith spent the first 15 years of his career working with various manufacturing entities learning what it takes to operate a business efficiently and profitably through both market growth and downturn.  Over the last 18+ years, Keith has used that knowledge working as a CFO with six different private equity firms to help grow businesses in highly leveraged environments.

An experienced global business leader, Keith’s career has been influenced by the manufacturing entities, private equity owners and co-employees with whom he has worked.  He has deep experience in enabling change and creating a culture where people understand their role, are disciplined in their processes, held accountable by their co-workers and therefore given the opportunity to earn their respect and trust, so everyone grows together.

Beyond Keith’s professional work, his most valued roles have been to be a great father to his awesome kids Ben, Evan and Samantha as well as a loving husband to his beautiful wife Kristen. He is also an avid golfer, sports enthusiast and loves to travel all over the world.

Eric Nastri

Eric Nastri is the Founder and CEO of Oculogix LLC, (Oculogix) a leading provider of smart home automation products and services.  He and Keith Randall founded Oculogix with a vision of bringing affordable & achievable smart automation to every home. We believe that every homeowner (not just the top 5%) deserves the right to experience the “WOW ” factor and the benefits of smart home automation.  At Oculogix, Eric is responsible for the strategic growth and direction of the company and both Keith and Eric are convinced that within 3-5 years most homes (new & old) will be equipped with this highly functional technology.

Eric is originally from Southern California but has lived in Colorado since 1994. His career spans more than 30 years working for various technology companies. In 1999 Eric founded Verticomm Technologies, Inc. Verticomm was and still is a Cloud and Managed Services company built on the premise of providing excellent customer service with best in class technology solutions. With Eric’s leadership, Verticomm endured the market downturns in 2001 & 2007 by reinventing and adjusting the company’s focus towards future market trends and needs. In 2015 Eric sold Verticomm.

Eric believes that luck doesn’t just happen. Luck is the result of smart decisions, doing the right thing, and hard work. Eric values all employees and understands that their happiness and passion for their job is extremely important to the growth and success of the company. He also believes in training and empowering the employees to do their job and just like a family, everybody needs to contribute. Eric will often host events for employees and customers to share in the fun and prosperity of the company.

Eric moved to Colorado for a new career and to enjoy what the beautiful state of Colorado has to offer.  He enjoys spending time with his loving family & awesome friends traveling as much as possible. He is also an avid sports enthusiast and favors golf, tennis, snowboarding, and mountain biking. 


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